King Charles children’s book to tell story of his 'fairytale Diana' and 'closest friend' Camilla

King Charles - WireImage
King Charles - WireImage

A coronation edition of a popular children’s book series will teach young readers about the King’s “fairytale Princess Diana” and his “closest friend” Camilla.

The King Charles edition of Little People, Big Dreams aims to give children an introduction to the life of Britain’s new monarch and his journey from “little Prince to grown-up King”.

It describes his work championing climate justice and sustainability as well as the role his charity, The Prince’s Trust, has played in improving the lives of young people across the UK.

The book, to be published a month before the May 6 Coronation, tells how the King’s relationship with his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, blossomed in his parents’ absence and describes the Duke of Edinburgh as “a practical man who wanted his son to stand on his own two feet”.

It describes how “furious protesters” greeted the Prince's arrival in Wales when he went to study the Welsh language and more than once mentions how the young Charles found himself alone.

The book's 'stylish, quirky illustrations' give children an introduction to the life of the monarch
The book's 'stylish, quirky illustrations' give children an introduction to the life of the monarch

It goes on: “The time came for Charles to find a wife to share his royal duties with. The day he got married, millions of people worldwide watched the ceremony on television. Lady Diana, his bride, looked like a fairy-tale princess.

“But the couple had very little in common and ended up separating. Sadly, Diana died one year after their divorce, leaving a deep hole in the hearts of their two sons, William and Harry, and of the whole world.

“When Charles married Camilla, his closest friend for thirty-five years, they bought a farm in Wales, far from any palace.”

The book describes how the Prince “brought governments and companies together to protect the environment and urged world leaders to do better to preserve our planet”.

The publishers said the book featured “stylish, quirky illustrations” and clear accessible text, charting the King’s early life right through until he ascended the throne.

The book depicts key moments in the King's life
The book depicts key moments in the King's life

It also offers extra facts, a biographical timeline with historical photos and a profile of his life. It follows a special Platinum Jubilee edition about Queen Elizabeth II published last September.

More than 7.5 million copies of the Little People, Big Dreams series have been sold worldwide. Most recent releases include Florence Nightingale, Harry Houdini and Amanda Gorman. Other titles feature sports stars, artists, scientists, entertainers and activists.

The books, by Spanish author Maria Isabel Sánchez Vegara, are designed to help children process and understand landmark historic and cultural events and explore the lives of outstanding people.

The King Charles edition is illustrated by Matt Hunt, a freelance illustrator based in Worcestershire.

In 1980, the then Prince Charles wrote his own children’s book called The Old Man of Lochnagar about a man living in a cave in the Lochnagar, a mountain overlooking the Royal family’s Balmoral estate in Scotland.

He is said to have created it some years earlier to entertain his brothers, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, when they were young.

It was later adapted into a short animated film by the BBC, with Robbie Coltrane playing the hermit and Prince Charles narrating. In 1984, Charles read the story on BBC children’s programme Jackanory.