'Substantial behaviour change' in Pembrokeshire 20mph test zone, report concludes

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Local families have welcomed the scheme – pictured is Finley from St Dogmaels campaigning for the 20mph limit in 2021. <i>(Image: Newsquest)</i>
Local families have welcomed the scheme – pictured is Finley from St Dogmaels campaigning for the 20mph limit in 2021. (Image: Newsquest)

Drivers in a Pembrokeshire village trialling the Welsh Government 20mph speed limit have significantly slowed down, a new report confirms.

St Dogmaels is one of the eight first phase areas in Wales trialling the new default 20mph speed limit.

This will be introduced on all restricted roads in Wales on September 17.

Restricted roads include where streetlights are placed no more than 200 yards apart and are usually located in residential and built-up areas with high pedestrian activity.

The move will see Wales become the first UK nation to introduce a lower speed limit following in the footsteps of European countries, such as Spain.

Research at St Dogmaels has shown ‘substantial behaviour change’. In the village there has been a change from 54 per cent of vehicles travelling at or below 24mph to 84 per cent travelling at or below 24mph following the 20mph speed limit introduction.


This is an increase of more than 50 percent (or 30 percentage points).

Slower driving speeds, increased levels of walking and cycling and minimal impact on journey times are among the key findings of the report into the eight areas trialling the new limit.

.Findings from other 20mph UK show that even small reductions in average speeds across a road network where people live and work can result in substantial reductions in collisions and serious injury, helping to make communities safer.

The report also concluded that in areas where 20mph was introduced there has been more children walking, cycling, and scooting to school.

Deputy Minister for Climate Change, with a responsibility for transport, Lee Waters said: “This latest data is already showing the benefits we can expect to see across Wales thanks to the bold move we are taking to lower the default speed limits later this year.

“We have made progress on reducing deaths and serious injuries on our roads over the 21 years of devolution, but we still need to do more to make the communities we work and live in safer.

“A reduction to 20mph on our residential and other busy pedestrian urban roads has to be the way forward.”

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