Subway enthusiasts stew over launch of first ever 3-inch sandwich

Fans of Subway’s sandwiches are up in arms after stores in Pakistan launched its first ever 3-inch mini sub as a budget-friendly option.

The bite-size sandwich, which recently appeared on Pakistani menus and in social media posts, provides “value” to customers, a spokesperson for Subway told Bloomberg News last week.

The new size is half the length of the company’s previous smallest sandwich, which is six inches. Its largest size, otherwise known as the “footlong” sub, is 12 inches.

But the newer, cheaper, size is said to be a more bite-sized option to fulfil a “snack craving”.

Announcing the launch, a post shared by Subway Pakistan’s Instagram account read: “Say hello to our NEW Mini Sub! The perfect treat for your snack cravings! Get ready to fall in love with its incredible flavors!”

A second post added, “Our New Mini Sub is the cutest explosion of taste you’ll ever experience!”, followed by the slogan: “Unleash the mini magic”.

The reduced size comes as Pakistan contends with Asia’s fastest rates of inflation, which has seen double-digit percentage increases in the price of fuel amid a cost of living crisis.

The August data from Pakistan’s statistics bureau showed that food inflation was elevated at 38.5 per cent.

Confronting rising prices, many restaurants have reportedly increased prices on their menus or reduced portion sizes.

Pakistan was saved from debt default after securing a further $3bn bailout disbursement from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in July. However, the deal has come with specific measures attached, including an increase in fuel and energy prices. These rising energy costs have sparked protests among citizens across the country.

Meanwhile, Subway fans have been expressing their disappointment about the “tiny” size of the new sandwich.

“No one is walking outta the shop after eating this and feeling full,” wrote one Twitter/X user.

“That’s like 2-3 bites!” wrote one social media user, as another added: “This would barely feed a toddler.”

While it seems that the mini sub has only been rolled out in Pakistan so far, it is unconfirmed whether the menu item will be available at other global stores.

The Independent has contacted Subway for comment.