Subway fans fume over changes to how sandwiches are ordered

Subway customers are far from impressed
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Subway customers have been left vexed after a recent change to how sandwiches are ordered in-store. Touchscreen self-serve kiosks have been rolled out in certain stores for customers, but Reddit users are far from happy about the move.

Many say that the original queuing service was 'quick and convenient' regardless of how busy their local store was, and are claiming that the new system will 'slow everything down'. A post on the r/CasualUK SubReddit read: "I liked how quick and convenient subway can be, even when it's busy.

"Talking through the extras you wanted on your sandwich was part of the experience too. Now, like everywhere else we've got these absolute bacteria breeding grounds of touch screen order points that take up space, slow everything down, and people struggle to navigate.

"Previously I could enter a Subway, order and be eating my food within 5 minutes. Today I've used the stupid order point and I am still sat here ten minutes later, and it's not even particularly busy. Anyone else hate the rise of these things, or am I just getting crotchety?"

The Express reports that some agreed with the post, with one writing: "I always quite liked Subway despite it seeming so unpopular but the last time I went there, it seemed to have gone massively downhill. So expensive now too."

But others said that the touchscreens could 'improve things' and potentially make the ordering process quicker. One said: "I would expect this to improve things. The slowest part is always the making, but it's not helped by the person in front of you being 'I'll have a............ BLT please... Length? Oh, hmmm, um... 6 inch please.... Oh no, you know what, let's make it a footlong.... Hmm, sorry?'..."

Another added: "Yeah, double-edged sword really. Can't help but feel like it'd be a little slower for people who go in knowing exactly what they want, but it will also get those indecisive kinds of people out of my way so it could go both ways."

Meanwhile, a further Reddit user explained: "It's great for accessibility though. As someone who stammers, I've always held a deep hatred for Subway, because I need to order each ingredient I want separately, or make do with not getting what I want. The mobile ordering and touchscreen options have made the Subway experience much more pleasant, and I'm grateful for it."

A spokesperson for Subway said: "Early guest feedback on the kiosks has been extremely positive and franchisees across the market are eager to bring the new digital enhancements to their restaurant."