Succession star Brian Cox says Logan's kids would 'f--- up the business good and proper'

Succession star Brian Cox says Logan's kids would 'f--- up the business good and proper'

On Succession, actor Brian Cox's media mogul Logan Roy is at war with his children, having gone behind their backs and agreed to sell family company Waystar Royco at the end of season 3. In real life, the Scottish actor spent part of this week in a more mundane battle with a piece of poultry.

"I'm a bit hungover because we had quite a night of it last night," Cox told EW over Zoom on Tuesday, the day after the New York season 4 premiere and subsequent party (he and the cast were spotted getting down to "Call Me Maybe"). "I've only had three hours sleep. And, then, I had an accident with my tooth. I just had veneers put on my teeth, and I had a bit of chicken at two o'clock in the morning, and I cracked a veneer. But it just so happened that my wife's dentist is two doors away from the hotel where we were staying, so she did a quick job at seven o'clock this morning."

Brian Cox in Succession Season 4
Brian Cox in Succession Season 4

Macall B. Polay/HBO Brian Cox as Logan Roy in season 4 of 'Succession'

Cox teases that season 4 will give viewers plenty to chew over with regard to the personal dynamics of the Logan family.

"I think he's played a big card in terms of trying to keep his children at bay, because he knows that they're going to f--- up the business good and proper if they take over," he says. "His kids, I mean, are still found wanting and that's the frustrating thing about them. But that's his problem, you see, his problem is, he loves his children. He would be a lot better off if he doesn't love his children, but he's a father, of course he loves his children. But that's his Achilles heel, you know, the love that he has for his children, and that's the thing that he can't get over, or can't get round, that's what stops him at every given turn."

Earlier this year, Succession creator Jesse Armstrong told The New Yorker that the fourth season would also be the last. Cox reveals that he has no problem with Armstrong's decison to call it a day.

"I'm fine with it," he says. "I'm a Brit. I think what we understand is the duration of any kind of show, and a lot of shows go well past their sell-by date, and that's the rigor that is extraordinary about Jesse Armstrong. He will not let it go past it. He was saying last night at the premiere how sad he was and then somebody shouted, 'Yeah, but you're the one who stopped it!' [Laughs] But he doesn't want to flog this thing endlessly. You know, it has a finite sense and that's what's so great about the show. He's had the courage to say, okay, it's over, we're finishing, and that's what he's done in the most original and imaginative way. I think everybody's going to be very excited about season 4 for that very reason. That's down to Jesse Armstrong, he's our leader, and he's been remarkable. And he's quite modest. He's also ruthless. But he's modest."

Succession season 4 premieres Sunday, March 26, on HBO and HBO Max.

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