Succession viewers draw same Kendall comparison following ‘cringey’ episode 6

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Succession viewers draw same Kendall comparison following ‘cringey’ episode 6

The latest episode of Succession has seen viewers draw comparisons between Kendall and one famous figure.

On Sunday (30 April), the sixth episode of the fourth and final season aired on HBO, with its UK airdate arriving the following day in the UK.

The episode, branded “cringey” by fans, saw Kendall (Jeremy Strong) launch the new platform Living+ via a presentation at Waystar Studios in LA.

As the hour drew on, Kendall’s demands piled up, and Roman (Kieran Culkin), who was due to deliver the presentation by his brother’s side, stepped away at the last moment, fearing impending embarrassment.

Kendall graced the stage alone and, in one of Succession’s cringiest moments, delivered a speech that saw him interacting with his dead father, Logan (Brian Cox) through a dangerously edited pre-recorded video.

The character’s presentation, and his energy on stage, saw many viewers comparing Kendall to the late Apple founder Steve Jobs.

“Can’t believe Kendall just pulled a Steve Jobs.” one viewer wrote, with another adding: “Kendall swears he’s Steve Jobs or something.”

One viewer stated: “Kendall Roy having his Steve Jobs moment.”

In a recent interview, Jeremy Strong revealed the creative choice he made ahead of filming episode four, in which Logan’s children gather to read their late father’s will.

Succession airs on Sundays on HBO in the US, and the following day in the UK on Sky Atlantic and NOW.