Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles shares stage with some furry friends for charity

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

This Christmas, when the country is more divided than ever, Jennifer Nettles is joining World Vision in a movement (#ShineBright) to spark a wave of kindness across America, bringing us all together to help others in need. The humanitarian organization empowers people out of poverty by providing opportunities to gift livestock, medicine, and other necessities to needy families across the globe. During her multistate holiday tour, Nettles stopped by Build Series in New York City to encourage fans to give back on Giving Tuesday (Nov. 28).

Just in case the sparkling singer herself wasn’t enough motivation, Nettles brought along a few furry friends to make her case: two alpacas (Skeeter and Sweetie) and a goat (Basil), who are among the animals that can be gifted to those in need as part of World Vision’s ongoing program. “Each animal is given to an appropriate cultural match. … They provide an economy for these families,” explains Nettles, detailing how families can use an animal’s wool, milk, and even manure for fertilizer.

Adding a bit of comedic humor: Basil showed off nature at its finest by having an, oopsie, accident onstage. The singer didn’t skip a beat: “When you gotta go, you gotta go,” she quipped.

Nettles additionally discussed nonanimalistic topics, such as her recent announcement that she and Sugarland partner Kristian Bush would be releasing new music soon after a four-year hiatus. “In terms of inspiration, we are just now in the writing process,” she explained. “But what we have always done, both jointly and separately, is take from your own experience and you write what you know. Even if it’s not your own story — because I’ve written stories that are for a narrative sake that aren’t my story — you can’t help but write yourself and your truth into them.”

When asked if the adorable critters might make an appearance on Sugarland’s future album covers, Nettles laughed. “I haven’t considered it, but I’m sure these guys would work me a deal,” she drawled.

Hey, Basil owes you one, Jennifer!

Watch the full interview with Nettles below: