Summer cost of living payments update as cash paid into bank accounts

Households across the UK are being alerted to cost of living payments that will be accessible this summer, with cash payments and other forms of support potentially on offer in some regions from June.

The initiative is a continuation of the Household Support Fund (HSF), which has been extended to provide assistance through to September. Local authorities have received substantial funding to manage their own emergency schemes and determine eligible recipients.

Support may be automatically provided in certain areas, while in others, residents might need to apply. This could result in direct cash deposits for some families.

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For the latest updates, individuals are encouraged to visit the 'Household Support Fund' section on their local council's website. Councils are beginning to disclose their plans for the HSF.

In the West Midlands, for example, Walsall Council has confirmed that cash payments for parents eligible for council tax reduction will start hitting bank accounts by the end of July. Similarly, Sandwell Council has indicated that payments will be made to those facing "financial difficulty", struggling with council tax, and carers, although a specific payment date has not been announced, reports Birmingham Live.

To be eligible, most individuals will need to be on some form of means-tested benefits or receiving assistance such as council tax reduction. Local councils have cautioned that the Household Support Fund (HSF) may deplete swiftly due to high demand.

The Government has provided an update, stating: "In the Spring Budget the Government announced it is providing an additional £500 million to enable the extension of the Household Support Fund, including funding for the Devolved Administrations through the Barnett formula to be spent at their discretion. This means that Local Authorities in England will receive an additional £421 million to support those in need locally through the Household Support Fund. The funding will be available to Local Authorities in England from April 1, 2024 and will run until September 30, 2024."

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