'Sun Dogs' Observed in Great Lakes Region Amid Extreme Cold

Lake-effect snow showers fell over northern Michigan on Friday morning, February 3, according to the National Weather Service, as temperatures fell below 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 Celsius).

This video showing solar halos was released by the National Weather Service Gaylord, who said it was filmed at their office.

The service said a phenomenon known as “diamond dust” was occurring in the area due to clear skies and bitterly cold temperatures. “This led to a 22-degree halo and associated ‘sun dogs,’ which have been observed across the area this morning,” it said in the caption of the footage.

The weather service said an additional one to three inches of snow was expected in areas east of Grand Traverse Bay and near Whitefish Point. The service warned of hazardous travel with low visibility and snow-covered roads. Credit: National Weather Service Gaylord via Storyful

Video transcript