Sunak vows to double number of foreign criminals deported

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Rishi Sunak has vowed to double the number of foreign criminals deported from the UK if he becomes the prime minister.

The Tory leadership contender and former chancellor told the Express newspaper that he would cut crime and expand prison capacity.

He reportedly wants to ensure foreign nationals who commit offences in the UK can be deported after serving jail sentences of six months rather than 12 months, as well as making eligible for removal those who are sentenced to jail three times even if no single custodial sentence exceeds the proposed six-month minimum.

Mr Sunak was quoted as saying: “We are far too soft on foreigners who commit crimes in our country so I will double the number of foreign offenders we deport.

“I will cut crime by locking the most prolific offenders up, keeping them locked up, and building the prison space needed to do so.”

He also told the paper: “The British people are one (of) the most generous and open-hearted in the world. But they expect everybody to obey the laws of the land. They want us to be tough on those who don’t.

“That’s why I’m making foreign nationals who commit offences like stealing from our shop owners, thieving from our homes or threatening victims with a knife eligible for deportation.

“Express readers will want us to take a zero-tolerance approach so I will double the number we deport to keep them safe and ensure crime never pays.”

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