Sunbury stormwater project receives $3.2 million in federal funds

Mar. 15—SUNBURY — Sunbury will receive $3.2 million for the Susquehanna Avenue stormwater project, thanks to an assist from U.S. Rep. Dan Meuser.

Meuser, R-9, said he secured the $3.2 in federal funding for Sunbury to renovate the water, sewer, and stormwater systems beneath Susquehanna Avenue. The funding was included in FY24 appropriations legislation, recently signed into law, Meuser said.

"Susquehanna Avenue's undersized and deteriorated utilities, narrow width, and lack of pedestrian facilities pose a risk to the health and safety of city residents," Meuser said.

"This Community Funding Project aims to address these issues by alleviating flooding and eliminating untreated sewage backups," he said.

He said he recognized the urgent need to do the work.

"The deteriorated utilities currently in place are causing flooding, posing significant risks to the community's health and safety," Meuser said. "This Community Funding Project will play a vital role in ensuring that the infrastructure in Sunbury is upgraded to mitigate negative impacts on local residents and the community."

City Councilman Jim Eister said Meuser visited the city in June 2023. Eister was thrilled Meuser took an interest in the project.

"He came here and he walked the project with us," Eister said. "He really cared about this project and we are all so thankful for what he has done."

Eister said City Administrator Derrick Backer worked for the past 18 months with Meuser's office on the funds.

Backer said the total project is roughly just more than $10 million and with the additional $3.2 million the project is about 80 percent funded.

The city currently has just more than $7 million in various grants and allocations from the city and the Sunbury Municipal Authority.

Backer said no tax dollars have been used for the project.

Backer said the city will continue to apply for more funding.

The first part of the Susquehanna Avenue project will begin April 1 and traffic and parking issues and will be addressed at 6:30 p.m. March 21 inside City Hall.

Sunbury Mayor Josh Brosious said he also wanted to thank Meuser.

"The congressman continues to show his support for Sunbury and the different projects to help us improve the city," Brosious said. "I look forward to meeting with him again on our next project."