Sunscreen foundation recalled due to possible mold contamination

Las Vegas-based skincare company Suntegrity is recalling nine lots of Impeccable Skin Sunscreen Foundation after tests revealed “higher than acceptable” levels of Aspergillus sydowii mold in some tubes, according to a notice posted on the US Food and Drug Administration’s website Wednesday.

No adverse events have been reported, according to the notice. But consumers are advised to stop using the product, which was sold online and in stores. Those who would like a credit or refund should contact the retailer, but customers who would prefer an exchange can contact Suntegrity.

Products with Aspergillus sydowii can cause an allergic skin reaction or a primary fungal skin infection if used on injured or sunburned skin, the company said in the alert. If the fungus touches the eye, it can also cause eye infections. Primary skin infection in someone with a weakened immune system should be treated medically, according to Suntegrity.

In a news release, Suntegrity reported that all batches of the foundation passed microbiological testing before their initial release. However, a customer detected a “strong odor” in their tube of product, alerting the company to possible contamination. Retesting revealed that product separation caused the odor and contamination, according to the news release.

The mold “seems to be present only when there is a strong odor,” and an allergic skin reaction from contaminated products “generally clears after cleansing the skin and discontinuing use,” the company added.

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