Sunshine on the way in Hereford next week as 'soft heatwave' forecast

Hereford could see hotter weather after a wet and windy week <i>(Image: Rob Davies)</i>
Hereford could see hotter weather after a wet and windy week (Image: Rob Davies)

HEREFORD is expected to have some consistently sunny weather next week ahead of a "soft heatwave" being predicted in the UK.

Following some wet and windy weather this week the outlook will be significantly drier from Saturday (April 15) with a very low chance of rain and highs of 16C on Sunday.

From Monday (April 17) temperatures will remain consistently warm with highs of 15C throughout the week, which is not quite enough for an official heatwave categorisation.


Speaking to The Express, Jim Dale, at British Weather Services, said: "We do get heatwaves in April, it does happen. It'll be a soft heatwave for the second half of April, it could get somewhere in the mid-20s pushing to May, in that general direction."


On the Met Office long-range weather forecast, it says: "Patchy cloud on Monday, mainly in the west and north, with the odd light shower and drizzle possible. However, most places most likely will remain dry with some bright and sunny spells.

"Further into the week, a ridge of high pressure will likely develop resulting in fine and dry conditions for many, with sunny spells, especially to the lee of high ground.

"These settled conditions are expected to continue later in the period, with frequent dry weather for most, perhaps with the odd shower."

Following that, some rain will be expected on Friday and Saturday (April 21 and 22) but temperatures will remain consistent at about 15C and there will still be some sunny spells.