The Weeknd: Artists and fans react to Super Bowl 2021 halftime show

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<p>Artists and fans praise The Weeknd’s ‘brilliant’ Super Bowl halftime show performance</p> (Getty Images)

Artists and fans praise The Weeknd’s ‘brilliant’ Super Bowl halftime show performance

(Getty Images)

The Weeknd lit up the Super Bowl halftime show stage with a medley of career-spanning hits like "Starboy", "Save Your Tears", and "Blinding Lights".

Fans were loving the solo set on social media, praising the seamless transitions, dancing, and pyrotechnic effects.

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick praised The Weeknd's performance on Twitter, writing, "Well done @theweeknd. Loved the set and pyros. You looked and sounded great! A Big Hug and Loud Applause!! #SuperBowl."

Singer Vanessa Carlton joined in, writing, "This is an amazing half time show and I need to go to a club and cry dance to The Weeknd every Tuesday night for the entirety of 2022. I mean that was brilliant!"

"If you’ve been listening to Abel since day 1 this performance means so much!!! HUGE so proud!!!!" YouTube personality Diana Saldana wrote.

Some, jokingly, likened the backing vocalists, wearing robes and glowing eyes, to Jawas from the Star Wars universe.

Others called out other pop culture references, noting how the dancers' masks looked like the masks from Jordan Peele horror film Us.

Overall, though, fans loved the set's set changes and overall dreamy universe The Weeknd let them inhabit for a few moments. "I'm so happy for your performance. We love you so much @theweeknd," wrote a fan.

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