Super Bowl fan caught posing as security guard to sneak into Patriots locker room (Video)

Several reporters and bystanders captured video of the middle-aged fan being apprehended by security guards outside the victorious locker room:

Several of those who got video said the man had stolen the jacket. But it’s unclear exactly how he obtained it.

“Why you got the jacket?” one of the actual security guards asked him in the heat of the moment.

“She gave it to me,” the man responded, vaguely.

“Who gave it to you?” the security guard said. “Who gave it to you? Who?”

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The man clearly didn’t have an explanation that satisfied the guards. An event official asked to see identification, while other S.A.F.E. personnel took the jacket and ensured the man stayed in their presence.

Some witnesses suggested the man had been arrested, but it’s unclear whether or not he in fact has been.

It’s also unclear what his intentions were. After the Patriots’ last Super Bowl triumph, in 2017, Brady’s game jersey was stolen – according to the NFL, by a member of the international media. It was eventually found by law enforcement officials and returned.

The Super Bowl is one of the most heavily secured sporting events on earth. And we saw evidence here. Staffers from S.A.F.E. Management – the security company tasked with policing the game – identified an intruder who likely wasn’t easy to identify. And they caught him red-handed.

A man in a Tom Brady jersey allegedly tried to sneak into the Pats locker room by wearing a security coat. (Photo: Sheena Quick / Twitter)

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