Super Bowl MVP Von Miller can't remember Obama's first name

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller may have a hard time living down his appearance on The $100,000 Pyramid. It took him several seconds and multiple clues to remember former President Barack Obama’s first name.

Miller knew that every answer had to end in “k,” and his very first clue was “Obama’s first name.” Other clues included “Our last president” and “President Obama’s first name.” Miller eventually got it. Has it really been that long? Maybe it just feels like it’s been that long.

Usher on $100,000 Pyramid. (Photo: ABC)

Also on Pyramid, R&B star Usher and his partner got a little frisky. Of course they didn’t know the answers they’d have to give clues for when choosing the categories, but they didn’t seem to mind. The answers were “spank” and “orgasm.”

Hopefully, nobody who found the movie The Ring particularly frightening watched The Gong Show this week. A very creepy contortionist slowly crawled toward the judges while twisting her body in unnatural ways, freaking both the judges and the audience out.

Watch Jack Black almost cause a “fatal accident” for Jennifer Aniston on The Gong Show:

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