‘Super fines for supercars’ as new acoustic cameras sounded out to beat noise menace

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‘Super fines for supercars’ as new acoustic cameras sounded out to beat noise menace

A new front in the fight against inconsiderate supercar drivers who rev their noisy engines has been launched with fresh moves sought to hit them with much bigger fines.

Kensington and Chelsea council has received a flood of complaints from fed-up residents reporting loud Lamborghinis, McLarens and motorbikes tearing around the streets at night.

It began targeting drivers who cause “excessive noise” with £100 fixed penalty notices late last year and has since handed out hundreds of fines.

But officials want to at least quadruple the penalty in a bid to deter more motorists from causing misery.

The move, dubbed “super fines for supercars”, would also help the borough pay for special acoustic cameras which are being rolled out later this month following a successful pilot.

The council has tested two of the cameras in Knightsbridge, which start recording when a 74 decibel threshold is exceeded.

It fined 144 drivers caught racing or revving their engines in Sloane Street and Pont Street between September and December last year.

An acoustic camera (Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council)
An acoustic camera (Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council)

Councillor Johnny Thalassites, member for planning, place and environment, told the Standard that the borough wanted to increase the penalties, partly to help cover the £21,000 operating cost of each camera.

He said: “We haven’t seen any repeat offenders, so the fines seem to work. Drivers don’t like receiving them.

“We have had hundreds and hundreds of complaints about these inconsiderate drivers and we will have five cameras across the borough by the end of November. But we want to cover our operating costs and will be approaching Government about that.

“The fines for fly-tipping are £450 and that is an amount we will be mentioning. This isn’t about making money, but covering our costs. If councils could do that then we could see these acoustic cameras introduced in other boroughs.”

In a council report, one resident said: “The noise, day and night, from cars with souped-up engines is ruining my life.”

“It’s too noisy to have the windows open, especially at night.”

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