Super Mario Sisters: Twin Girls Become Nintendo Icons for Epic Video Game Costume

Philadelphia mom Andrea Hamburg loves creating something extraordinary when it comes to Halloween outfits for her twin daughters, and her 2020 effort fits the bill as the two girls have been transformed into Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.

Hamburg’s daughters, Elizabeth and Louise, went viral in 2019 when their mom and other family members created an intricate claw machine costume that saw the pair get media attention from Good Morning America among others.

This year, Hamburg said the inspiration came directly from the four year olds, who are “obsessed with playing Super Mario Odyssey,” and wanted to become the iconic video game pairing of Mario and Luigi.

Hamburg told Storyful: “My husband plays video games and we grew up in the 80s so we wanted to make the claw machine into an old Sony Trinitron TV.”

Elizabeth and Louise’s parents repainted the claw machine, added numerous details and Hamburg’s husband attached a TV to the back of the display, which was “hooked up his NES classic for my girls to play the original Super Mario Bros.”

She added, “The costume is also complete with green pipes for candy buckets, a working question mark block that lights up and makes a coin noise,” plus “working stars and 1-UP mushrooms.” Credit: Andrea Hamburg via Storyful

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