Supergirl, Flash, & Arrow team up to fight Nazis and evil doppelgängers

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

The Flash wedding was supposed to be the crossover event of the season as most of the DC heroes showed up for the two-night, four-episode event. The first two episodes aired Monday during Supergirl and Arrow, as “Crisis on Earth-X” parts one and two. But unfortunately some Nazis and evil doppelgängers crashed the party.

Just as Barry and Iris were about to officially be married, an evil Supergirl from Earth-X incinerated the officiant with her laser eyes. That was when all heck broke loose in the church.

After a couple of battles with the Nazis and evil doppelgängers, the good heroes appeared to lose and found themselves imprisoned on Earth-X. And to make matters worse, the Nazis revealed they are planning to take Kara’s heart.

Turns out evil Supergirl has radiation poisoning and is in need of a new heart. So the Nazis plan to create a red sun so that it weakens the Supergirls so surgeons can perform a heart transplant.

We’ll find out more on Tuesday night as the story concludes on The Flash and The Legends of Tomorrow, starting at 8 p.m. on the CW.

Watch as the Flash gets super drunk at his bachelor party:

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