Supergirl Recap: Barry Allen Meets Kara Danvers In ‘World’s Finest’


*Spoilers for the 18th episode of Supergirl*

It’s the episode that we’ve all been waiting for. Barry Allen aka the fastest man alive The Flash, comes over to National City. The episode kicks off with Siobhan at the DEO. Winn wants to know who she is after that confusing reveal at the end of the last episode. But apparently there’s nothing abnormal about her; she’s a human and they have no idea where her powers came from. She’s left to roam the DEO and overhears director Lucy interrogating Livewire who says that it’s her intention to kill more people.

Then, Siobhan turns up at CatCo to go after Kara, who’s apparently the source of her pain, and screams in her direction. As she does so, Kara falls out of the window unconscious, unable to fly away herself. But as she’s falling, a red streak comes her way - it’s The Flash! He keeps running until they come to a stop in the middle of a field, where Kara introduces herself as Supergirl. Barry has no idea who she is and she doesn’t know who any of the other superheroes are. What’s going on?

Barry concludes that he’s on the wrong Earth and he needs her help getting back home. Kara ends up taking him to Team Supergirl’s secret hideout to meet Winn and James. Winn is like an excited puppy over the prospect of meeting a hero while James’ jealousy is evident. Barry explains the concept of multi-verses, saying that there are multiple Earth’s and he’s somehow landed on the wrong one. Then the foursome turn up to Cat’s office, who tells them that she’s got an exclusive image of ‘the red streak’ or 'the blur’ saving Kara. Since she has the power, she wants to brand him as Supergirl’s sidekick/companion, which Barry doesn’t like. He even suggests calling him 'The Flash’, but Cat writes that off.


Meanwhile, Siobhan goes off to visit a relative who just so happens to be a fortune teller. She explains that Siobhan is a banshee, a curse that’s stemmed from her family lineage and the only way to stop her powers from growing is to kill the object of her anger. A brainwave strikes and she breaks Livewire out of DEO jail using her electrifying screams, because she wants to team up with her. When she finds out, Lucy quickly warns Kara that Livewire might be after Cat for revenge. Kara asks Barry’s help to find the villain and takes him to the DEO (in costume) who quickly finds her in an abandoned warehouse - it’s team-up time!

The Flash and Supergirl turn up at the warehouse to find Livewire. Barry thinks he can take her down by using super speed and runs around her. He was wrong, he charges her electricity power instead. Siobhan turns up too, and her screams make Kara’s ears bleed. She explains that she wants to kill Supergirl and then Kara.

Later, the menacing duo break into CatCo with Livewire attacking James while Winn tries to get Siobhan to stop. Instead, they successfully kidnap Cat and take her to an open park. Supergirl and The Flash follow suit while Cat begs them to stop. As they fight, Supergirl is electrocuted by Livewire and falls to the ground. Onlookers turn their heads, and their support to National City’s hero as they stand with her, resulting in firemen stopping both Livewire and Siobhan.The episode ends with Cat figuring out that Barry is The Flash (because he insisted that The Flash was a better name for the mysterious hero…)


Finally, Kara and Barry join forces to break the dimension rift so he can go back to his Earth… Ending up in a race! They figure speed will do the trick and this is a scene that we’ve been waiting for, a test to see who’s the fastest. As the dimension opens, Kara throws him in. Later, James turns up to Kara’s apartment and she finally tells him how she feels. But as they kiss, something is wrong with him. His mind has been taken over as Project Myriad is activated.

Other points:

  • Kara is trying to win the people of National City back by doing petty jobs. It pays off!

  • Epic line from Cat: “You look like the attractive yet non-threatening richly diverse cast of a CW show.”

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