Supermarket Bans Kids From Buying Eggs This Halloween

This supermarket thinks it has the answer to stopping Halloween vandalism – and it’s bad news for omelette fans.

An image posted on Imgur has revealed the extent one shop has gone to prevent youngsters from ‘egging’ houses.

“My local supermarket posted this,” said Tkachenko on the image site. The sign reads: "Due to safety concerns we are not allowing the purchase of eggs by minors October 24 through November 1.”

The image has more than two million views and around 300 comments.

Many of the posters on the site are amused by the “safety concerns” line – and responded with not-so-helpful advice.

NotASkeleton said: “Buy them in September so they’re nice and rank when you throw them”

MrHolmes88 echoed the sentiment, adding: “A great idea, until everyone gets egged by 2 week old rotting eggs…”

The sign banning egg-buying (Imgur/Tkachenko)

ArandomDane said: “Is age discrimination legal in the US? As a 35 year old man I’d probably egg the owners house HIS SIGN WONT STOP ME MUhahHAHAahaaaa”

However, one poster, iluvmykats, took exception to the grammar instead: “Why are “Eggs” and “By” capitalized in the middle of the sentence?” they said.

The picture has been shared widely – but most agree it’s a futile move.

Eggs have been the food of choice for protesters and mischief-makers for more than 100 years, according to some historians. Stopping them isn’t easy.

(Credit: Six El Sid/Flickr)

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