Supermarket Shelves Empty as 'Very Strong' Typhoon Nears Tokyo

Goods flew off store shelves on October 11 as Typhoon Hagibis veered toward central Japan.

This footage, described as filmed within a My Basket supermarket in the Koto ward of Tokyo, shows the diminishing food products as residents hurried to prepare for the oncoming storm.

Typhoon Hagibis, which NHK characterized as “large and very strong,” was expected to pummel either Japan’s Tokai or Kanto region (which encompasses Tokyo) as it moved north, according to The Japan Times.

The storm was expected to bring heavy rainfall and possible mudslides mirroring 1958’s Typhoon Ida, which left 888 people dead and 381 missing, NHK and The Japan Times reported. Credit: gwater12345 via Storyful