Britain’s first Pokemon Go murder? Shop worker, 20, killed in car park ‘in row over game’


A man has been killed in what is feared to the Britain’s first Pokemon Go murder.

Supermarket worker Carl Gregory was beaten to death in a shopping centre car park in Broadstairs, Kent, on Tuesday night after apparently getting into an argument about the hugely popular mobile game.

The 20-year-old was said to have been left face down and unconscious by his attackers and died in the arms of his girlfriend Chloe Lemare, 19.

She said she felt guilty she could not save her boyfriend and paid tribute to him in a series of posts.


Murder: The attack took place in a shopping centre car park (SWNS)

She wrote: “I couldn’t bring him back but he was a loved man and we both loved each other.

“I am missing you. I wish I could hold you again. I love you so much I wanna be with you.”

She added: “Yesterday I lost the love of my life in my arms. He was the most amazing guy.

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“You are they love of my life Carl and I want to see you one last time. I’m just so angry and sad I couldn’t save you.”

Her mother, Shanice, posted an emotional outburst on Facebook about the murder, writing: “F****** Pokemon. He was killed for nothing.

“He’s just a kid and a lovely one at that. Is this what life’s come to?”

Both Carl, from Ramsgate, and Chloe were keen Pokemon Go players. He had posted his game scores on his Facebook page since the game was launched in July.


Investigation: Police have arrested two people on suspicion of murder (SWNS)

The couple were also members of a Facebook group called Pokemon Go East Kent/Thanet where its 751 members share tips on where to find monsters in the area.

Kent Police have arrested two men aged 20 and 27, who were known to Carl, on suspicion of murder.

Pokemon Go became a massive global hit when it launched in July.

Players use GPS system on phones to track down and capture virtual monsters who appear on screen before use them monsters to fight battles at locations called “gyms”.

Over 300 injuries have been reported by people playing the game in the UK as they wander into roads in an attempt to catch the creatures.

Top pic: Facebook