Supernatural season 13: Everything you need to know

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The Supernatural train keeps on going, as Dean and Sam will be back for season number 13. Unlucky for some, but not for the Winchesters.

But what can fans expect from the show on its return? From who's back to Scooby-Doo, here's everything you need to know.

Supernatural season 13 release date: When is the US and UK premiere?

Supernatural was renewed on January 8, 2017, with The CW ordering a full 13th season. The network has confirmed that the show will continue on Thursdays in the US as part of its 2017-18 autumn schedule.

In the US, season 13 will kick off on Thursday, October 12 – in line with the previous five seasons, which all launched within the first two weeks of October of their respective years.

A Supernatural season 13 UK release date is likely to fall in 2018 (season 12 in the UK launched on January 4 on E4).

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There is also a strong possibility that the show will continue beyond season 13, if it continues to deliver in the TV ratings.

A total of 264 Supernatural episodes have been produced so far, and Jared Padalecki suggested that he and Jensen Ackles want to reach the big 300 milestone – which would happen during season 14.

"When we get to 300, I think Ackles and I will think it might be time to say bye," he said. "There's a chance that changes, but we certainly do not take it for granted that we're going to make it to 300."

Supernatural season 13 trailer: Why is Dean praying to God?

Season 12 began shooting in the middle of July last year, and season 13 continued that trend as Jensen Ackles confirmed on Wednesday, July 12 via Instagram that production has started on the new episodes.

In mid-September, The CW released the first trailer for the 13th season.

"God, we need your help," Dean says, rather ominously.

The trailer also shares glimpses of Lucifer's now-grown-up son Jack and a new antagonist – white-suited, bearded, definitely a little bit scary – who may or may not be the new King of Hell.

Supernatural season 13 cast: Are Castiel and Crowley returning?

We obviously know that Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki are going to be back as Dean and Sam Winchester, but what about Misha Collins (Castiel) and Mark Sheppard (Crowley)?

In the shocking season 12 finale, Crowley stabbed himself with an angel blade in a moment of self-sacrifice, to seal the rift and trap Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) in an alternate reality.

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Moments later, Lucifer stabbed Castiel through the back with an angel blade, with a horrified Dean and Sam watching.

Lucifer and Mary Winchester (Samantha Smith) ended the season sealed in the alternate reality.

The bad news is that Crowley is gone.

In an Instagram post dated May 23, Sheppard thanked the #spnfamily for his time on the show, adding that it was "time for something new".

If that wasn't enough, Sheppard made it clear on Twitter less than two days later that his exit is very much permanent for the time being. Not wanting to lead the fans on, he tweeted in response to one of the producers that there were "NO plans to have me return to SPN at ANY juncture".

Of course, this doesn't mean Crowley will never ever be back. It's just that right now, there is nothing on the cards.

The good news is that Castiel is almost surely going to be back.

Misha Collins tweeted not long after the season 12 finale that Castiel "has a future", while at a convention in Rome, Italy, he told fans that they should expect to see the angel again. "I think we will see Cas again, but the question is, what [does this death do] to him?" he said. "That is, I think the one to wonder about."

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But the biggest sign that Castiel will play a part in season 13 came thanks to a slip from Jared Padalecki.

At the same convention, Padalecki accidentally confirmed that Collins had already recorded lines for season 13's Scooby-Doo animated episode (yes, you read that right – more on that crossover later). "We did all the dialogue," Jared said. "Jensen and Misha and I."

Realising the slip-up, the star lowered his head and covered his face with his microphone as the crowd cheered.

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And what about Samantha Smith (Mary) and Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer), whose characters are trapped in the alternate dimension? Their stories are definitely not over, as they have both been confirmed to return – although it is unclear how many episodes they will appear in.

Supernatural is also getting a new series regular. Alexander Calvert, who very, very briefly appeared as a teenage version of Jack – the son of Lucifer and Kelly Kline – will be part of the main cast for the new season.

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A character description reads: "Born literally yesterday, Jack struggles to understand the world he's brought into and the family that has taken him in (Sam and Dean Winchester) while he wrestles with his place in the world. Will he be good? Evil? Or something in between?"


Supernatural season 13 spoilers: What's going to happen?

Let's start with what we definitely do know, and that's that there will be a Supernatural + Scooby-Doo animated crossover episode.

At the CW upfronts in May, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki unveiled a picture showing a cartoon Dean and Sam Winchester alongside Scooby-Doo himself.

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At San Diego Comic-Con 2017, Jensen Ackles told Digital Spy that Dean will "put the moves" on Daphne (because of course he does!).

"You get a little live-action in the beginning and then that gets us into Scooby Land and it's pretty cool. I'm pretty stoked about it," the star added.

We know that Castiel will make an appearance in the Scooby-Doo episode as well, thanks to Jared's oopsie at the Rome convention, and with Daphne confirmed to feature, it seems likely that we'll see the full gang including Shaggy, Fred, Velma, and Scrappy-Doo.

We also know that we will see Castiel in episode 3, before he reunites with the Winchesters in episode 6.

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So how does Castiel return if he's dead? This is where we delve a little into some fan theories...

One theory going around revolves around Jack, who viewers saw in the final seconds of the season 12 finale age rapidly into a teenager, just minutes after being born.

Jack is a Nephilim and we've already seen glimpses of his powers – including resurrection – from when he was still in his mother's womb. So it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine him bringing Castiel back to life.

(On a side-note, Dean and Sam – Jack's guardians – will clash on how to deal with the Jack problem. Ackles has revealed that Dean believes Lucifer's son "simply has to go", while Sam is much more optimistic and points out that Jack is half-human.)

The second theory that has been mentioned is an alternate reality version of Castiel, just like Alternate Bobby Singer in the season 12 finale.

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In fact, the alternate reality is a great way to see familiar faces again, and the producers have pretty much confirmed that that's what's going to happen.

"Some people who have been long dead on our show are less dead in the apocalyptic world," executive producer Andrew Dabb said at the Comic-Con panel. "[They will be] much different characters."

Not only are they less dead in the alternate reality, but they may also look a little bit different.

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Dabb later teased that some old characters will actually be recast. "Even if it's not played by an actor that we recognise, there are certain characters that are going to come back in different bodies," he said.

An alternate version of the antagonistic archangel Michael, last seen trapped in Lucifer's Cage at the end of season five, has been announced to be appearing in season 13.

Inside a different vessel (played by Christian Keyes), this version of Michael – as Mary and Lucifer appear to find out – has been described as the "victor" and the "Genghis Khan" of the world.