Support for Scottish independence at 39% - YouGov poll for Sky News

Scottish Independence supporters participate in a rally outside the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh

LONDON (Reuters) -An opinion poll on Monday showed 39% of Scottish voters support independence from the United Kingdom, compared to 47% who wish to remain part of the union.

The YouGov poll for Sky News had a sample size of 1,002 adults in Scotland and was conducted between March 9th and 13th.

The result is a marginal fall in support for independence compared to a previous YouGov poll in February, which showed 40% in favour of a split, and broadly in line with other results from the pollster.

In a referendum in 2014, Scots voted 55%-45% to remain in the union, but some have argued that the vote for Brexit two year later justified a new independence vote.

Last month, nationalist leader Nicola Sturgeon resigned as Scotland's first minister, leaving the question of independence unsolved. Scottish Health Secretary Humza Yousaf, finance minister Kate Forbes and former minister Ash Regan are vying to succeed her.

(Reporting by UK bureau, writing by Muvija M)