Supreme collaboration disappoints Tiffany & Co fans: ‘Who thought this was OK?’

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Supreme and Tiffany & Co unveil new collaboration  (Supreme / Tiffany & Co)
Supreme and Tiffany & Co unveil new collaboration (Supreme / Tiffany & Co)

Supreme and Tiffany & Co have teamed up to create a new collection inspired by the jewellery brand’s classic 1960s pieces.

On Monday, the designers unveiled the new “Return to Tiffany” collaboration on social media, with the collection featuring a number of sterling silver pieces including a heart tag pendant and a heart knife key ring.

“Supreme has worked with Tiffany & Co on a new collection for Fall 2021. Inspired by pieces originally launched in the 1960s, the Return to Tiffany collection features a Heart Tag Pendant, Oval Tag Pearl Necklace, Star Bracelet, Heart Tag Stud Earrings, Heart Knife Key Ring, Oval Tag Keyring and T-Shirt,” Supreme captioned an album of the jewellery pieces on Instagram.

In addition to the new take on the classic Tiffany heart necklace, which now reads: “Please return to Supreme New York 925,” instead of the classic “Please return to Tiffany & Co,” the collaboration also includes an oval tag pearl necklace, which features a strand of freshwater cultured pearls.

While the majority of the collection consists of sterling silver jewellery, the brands also teamed up on a new T-shirt, which features the Supreme logo reimagined in Tiffany’s iconic blue.

According to Supreme, the collection will be available for purchase on its website on 11 November at 11am EDT, before it is released in Japan on 13 November.

The collaboration between the streetwear brand and the jewellery designer comes as Tiffany & Co has begun partnering with high-profile ambassadors such as Beyoncé and Jay Z, while Supreme has previously collaborated on a high-fashion collection with Louis Vuitton.

Since unveiling the latest collaboration, fans of Supreme have expressed their support for the partnership, with one person commenting on Instagram: “I don’t wear silver but I’ll make an exception,” while another said: “Wow the only collab I’ve ever needed in my life.”

Others joked about the prices of the pieces, with someone else writing: “Can’t wait to not afford it.”

Tiffany & Co fans weren’t as convinced, however, as many of the comments under the jewellery brand’s photos were from people unsure of the brand’s new direction.

“This is atrocious. One company is everyday street wear and one company is a high end class act,” one person commented, while someone else wrote: “Ew no no. What on earth? You misunderstood the assignment. Tacky. The collaboration is quite ugly. Who designed this? Who thought this was ok?”

Another person added: “I get the collab if you’re trying to attract a younger pop culture clientele. I love it! But your marketing is getting a bit too obvious, try to stay in your lane without looking desperate.”

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