These Are The Surefire Signs You Desperately Need a Vacation

It takes four missed work deadlines, five grumpy mornings, and six nights in a row of poor sleep for the average American to finally realize they need to take a vacation, according to new research.

The poll of 2,000 Americans found the average American utters the phrase "I need a vacation" roughly three times a week -- which equates to more than 10 times a month.

In fact, when it comes to reasons for needing a vacation, 42 percent of those studied reveal stress at work is the number one leading cause of why people are looking to get away.

A study conducted by OnePoll in conjunction with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) examined the vacation habits and behaviors of 2,000 Americans and uncovered two in five blame fatigue for their desire to go on a vacation.

When it comes to parental or family stress, 38 percent reveal it's these instances that lead them to believe they might be ready for a vacation.

Other circumstances that prompt Americans to look into booking their next travel excursion include a difficult commute (34 percent), oversleeping their alarm (33 percent), bad weather (33 percent), and having a relationship end (31 percent).

Another 41 percent were prompted to get away because they found themselves waking up grumpy in the mornings, and 39 percent were told by coworkers that they needed a vacation.

But beyond the basic daily stressors and minor life events, Americans will use the festive season as an excuse to get away. It turns out, 61 percent of those studied have gone on a vacation soon after the end of the holiday season and take time with their families to unwind and recharge after the craziness of the holidays.

While the holidays are typically filled with warm memories and togetherness, the reality is, 65 percent of Americans say that the holidays stress them out. It's no wonder it takes the average American just 20 days after New Year's before they set out on their next vacation to truly replenish their reserves for the year ahead.

After the festivities have ended, nearly half (49 percent) said they find themselves exhausted and having overindulged on sweet treats and presents during the holiday season. This is one of the main reasons they look to get away for a relaxing vacation to cleanse their bodies and get an early start on their new year's resolutions.

In addition, 47 percent reveal they are prompted to head out on a vacation after the holiday festivity because they simply needed a break from their extended family and use the time to connect one-on-one with a loved one, or enjoy some alone-time.

It appears Americans are hesitant to spend the holidays with family these days. It turns out, 44 percent of those surveyed would rather take a trip by themselves than spend the holidays at home with their family. In fact, 34 percent would go so far as to give up chocolate instead of staying home with the family over the holiday season while a further 33 percent would rather stand in line at the DMV than have to spend the full holiday season at home with their family.

"With data like this, it is apparent we all could use some well-deserved 'me-time,' at an all-encompassing destination that offers a place to relax.. "We encourage travelers to switch up their routines and infuse their holiday memories with some sand, sun and Caymankindess this year" said Rosa Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands.

Unfortunately, not all Americans have the luxury to get away during the holidays. Over a quarter (26 percent) have not taken a vacation in the last year -- and nearly three in 10 haven't had the chance to go on even a weekend getaway in the last year either.

However, that doesn't mean people don't explore the possibility of traveling or booking a vacation. Over half (53 percent) have started looking into a trip or vacation abroad because they were fed up with something in the U.S. and wanted to experience something new.

In fact, 67 percent of those studied reveal they have booked a trip or vacation because they were trying to get away from something at home.

What are Americans running from? Nearly three in five say personal issues lead them to consider booking a trip while a further 54 percent reveal career related issues have spurred them to get away.

"It is no secret that Americans are less likely to use their vacation days but taking time to relax has proven to have tremendous benefits on our health, wellness and even our careers." said Mrs. Harris, Director of Tourism for the Cayman Islands. "Next time you think 'Man, I could use a vacation' get your out of office (OOO) response - there is a Caymankind cocktail and a spot on Seven Mile Beach waiting for you!"