Surfer's GoPro camera which he lost FIVE YEARS ago has been found buried on a beach - still working!

A surfer's GoPro camera which was lost when he got wiped out by a huge wave has been found buried on a beach FIVE YEARS later - and amazingly it still works. Despite being hidden under the sand for more than half a decade, the gadget's SD card was undamaged and shows the moment the camera disappeared under the waves. The footage shows a group of surfers paddling out on their boards off the coast of Berwick in Northumberland on April 23, 2016. In the clip, the friends are heard joking about how cold the water is, with the surfer holding the camera say: "Jesus Christ, I'm going to freeze my t*ts off! He then paddled out a short distance before a large wave suddenly crashed over the surfer sending him and the camera tumbling into the water. The camera continues recording underwater for several minutes before eventually going dead. Incredibly, it was washed up a mile up stream and was found on the banks of the River Tweed this week. Luke Batchelor, 32, spotted the camera while walking near his home in the town on Wednesday (26/5).

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