Surfers Save Swimmers Caught in Current at Indian Beach

Three surfers acted quickly to save a group of bathers who were struggling at a beach in Visakhapatnam, India, after they were caught up in a current.

Footage uploaded to Twitter by Manish Dangi shows a group of people struggling to keep their heads over water at Rushikonda Beach. They are quickly approached by three surfers and helped ashore.

Dangi, who was one of the rescuers, told Storyful he was surfing at the beach when he and the other surfers noticed the struggling bathers.

“Myself and two other surfers bolted in for the rescue. I was the first to reach and gave my surfboard to 2 drowning tourists to hold on and thereafter swam along with them holding to surfboard and brought them ashore,” he said. Credit: Manish Dangi via Storyful

Video transcript


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