Surging Water Hampers Rescuers in Flood-Hit Indian State

Dramatic video released by police in the town of Nainital in the flood-hit north Indian state of Uttarakha showed the challenging conditions being faced by those tasked with evacuations and rescues.

The video shows police attempt to hold a line to help a person across a torrent of fast-flowing water, only for the water to overcome them, and sweep them all away.

Flooding in the state had killed at least 34 people by October 19, reports said.

Police did not give any information about whether the people in the video here were harmed.

Uttarakhand recorded 200 mm of rainfall in the 24 hours to the afternoon of October 19, the State Disaster Management Secretary said.

Several people were missing in the Himalayan resort town of Nainital, News18 reported. Credit: Nainital Police via Storyful

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