The surprise Taylor Swift announcement people are furiously speculating will happen in Cardiff

Taylor Swift performs at Friends Arena on May 17, 2024 in Stockholm, Sweden.
-Credit: (Image: Michael Campanella/2024 TASRM and Getty Images)

Taylor Swift fans believe her visit to Cardiff could be more significant than ever, with some suggesting she is going to make a surprise announcement. Cardiff is the only stop on her worldwide Eras Tour where the award-winning singer songwriter is performing there for just one night, which has led to some speculation about why this could be.

She is set to take the stage in the Principality Stadium on Tuesday, June 18, which fans think also has a hidden meaning. Taylor Swift has been described as dropping "Easter eggs" for her Reputation (Taylor's Version) album during the Eras tour, from outfit choices, to similarities in the choreography for her Tortured Poets Department set, and some swifties are predicting that her Cardiff show will be the night she announces it once and for all.

The Grammy winner, who has made several major album announcements during the Eras Tour recently also released the Tortured Poets Department album, which fans have been drawing many similarities with her 'Reputation Era.' Get your limited edition Taylor Swift OK! glossy mag here.

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One eagle-eyed fan recently took to TikTok to share her detailed theory on why she thought Cardiff was going to be when she made the revelation, noting: "Taylor's going to announce Rep TV in Cardiff, Wales. Here's my theory, let's clown."

@audreymartha said in the video: "So June 18th, it's a Tuesday, which is random, right? And she's playing in Cardiff, Wales, for one night only. On the Eras Tour, Taylor has never played for one night before or after- it's the only stop on the tour that is for one night. Also on June 18th is International Panic Day. So how did we get here, you ask? There's actually another calendar which is called the International Fix Calendar which is divided into 13 months of 28 days each.

"Now, as we know, 13 is a lucky number and a symbolic number for Taylor that she often utilises in her Easter eggs and all of her clowning with us. This calendar's no longer used. We have the Gregorian calendar in modern world.

Audrey highlighted that one of the old months- 'Sol' - on this archaic calendar was the 13th month in the year, and started on June 18. She added: "There's one country in the world that still follows a 13 month calendar- that is Ethiopia. Because of the time difference, and the date difference of 28 days compared to the modern day Gregorian calendar, that puts it seven years behind modern time.

"So, what album was released seven years ago? Reputation. November 10th, 2017. So effectively, we're still in 2017 if you're in Ethiopia. So June 18th, when you add six and eighteen together, you get six. The sixth month, the sixth album, Reputation, the re-record."

Audrey continues to highlight the significance between June 18, and the possible release date, which other swifties have tied a correlation between. But Audrey, who is from the US, also notes at the end of the video that Reputation, in Welsh, translates to 'enw.' She said: "If you scramble those letters- new. New Reputation, in Cardiff, Wales on the 18th of June. I think this is happening. And just to note that Cardiff is placed between Liverpool, which, there's also some clown theories around that.

"Liverpool's really significant between Taylor and the Beatles, her 100th show. And then she's playing in Wembley Stadium in London. Again there's a lot of eggs pointing to that, so it's sandwiched very nicely in between those two dates, so something's definitely happening."

June 18 also happens to be the birthday of a well known American entrepreneur- Scooter Braun - who owns Big Machine Records, where she recorded her first six albums, including the original Reputation album which Braun acquired, meaning he was able to control most of her work. Taylor has since re-released four of the albums he acquired, and re-recorded the same songs, as well as adding tracks "from the vault" which she never released with Big Machine Records, so it seems like it could be a memorable moment to break the news.

Another swiftie picked up on this, posting a TikTok, noting that Taylor Swift had the opportunity to do "the funniest thing ever", by choosing this show to make the announcement on. Join our WhatsApp news community here for the latest breaking news.

TikTok user @nikkiking23 also gave her take on the theory, and discussed the Cardiff show and the significant dates. She said: "This kind of stuff is loud, and we are clearly in the TTPD era."

Someone else stitched the video, saying: "No, because it's 7am, and I'm going to the Cardiff show, and Rep is my baby. I went to the 5-13 show in Philly, people were speculating that was going to be a special show, and it's literally my dream to be part of a special show". The TikTok user, @CitronyFresh went on to add: "My hopes are up. I know they're fall down but like, Cardiff? Little, baby Cardiff! The person I will become... watch out."