Surrey's 'best' hair salon where you can work remotely with unlimited coffee

Inside the hair salon entrance
-Credit: (Image: Collections Hair Club)

While they may have been open 40 years, this is the first time that Collections Hair Club has been recognised in this way. The hair salon has been named the best in Surrey by Muddy Stilettos, and credits their inclusive approach for their success.

Whether operating as a base to work from or a quiet corner where you can sit back and be pampered, there are lots of ways to get your haircut here.

Marcello Ferri and Ross Fraser, the current joint owners of the Weybridge salon, took over the salon around 11 years ago from the original owners. Ross had worked there for 7 years previously. SurreyLive takes a look at what makes this salon tick.

And it seems the rich history means that they inherited a loyal clientele. They said: “To this day, we get people that if they're international and they come over back to Surrey and they'll come straight to us."

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Inside the hair salon
The salon has grown in recent years and hopes to give off a homely feel -Credit:Collections Hair Club

Marcello says one reason for their success is their ability to adapt to what the client wants. He said: "What makes us stand out, or what makes us different is we can completely tailor the experience to whatever the client wants. We've got areas of the salon if you want to be in the hustle and bustle, if you want to be in a quiet area, if you need to bring your children along to your appointment, we've got a private room.

“Something which is quite popular at the moment is people will ask for a silent appointment. We appreciate people have really busy lives and sometimes, they just want to sit in the chair, be pampered and, and not have to talk."

One special feature of the salon is that they operate as a base for home workers. Marcello said: “The percentage of people that are now working from home, certainly since the pandemic has hugely grown. We really made sure the salon is the space where people can work from the salon. We've got high speed Wi-Fi, unlimited coffee, and really big desk spaces to enable people to be able to work. We're very conscious of the fact that salon appointments are getting longer and longer and sometimes people don't want to spend four hours of their Saturday in a salon and actually if they can come on a Tuesday afternoon and work that's fabulous for them.”

The hope is having so many options makes the salon an inclusive space. Marcello said: “I think for us one of the things that we're always really conscious of is that over 70% of women feel anxious when they visit a hair salon and we're really proud of what we’ve done. It feels like you are visiting an old friend."

Hair washing station
The salon has a 40 year history -Credit:Collections Hair Club

Children and dogs are also welcome within the hairdressers and the salon has taken other steps to make the experience as convenient as possible. The salon owner told SurreyLive “You can order any refreshments from the comfort of your phone. We've got digital magazines that you can read on your iPad or your phone. If you're in a rush you can just press a button and WhatsApp's the front desk and they'll send you your bill directly to your phone so you can check out before you've even left.”

The 25 strong team is a mix of full-time and part-time stylists. The owners are particularly proud of their team saying “a happy team means happy clients.”

However, at the heart of the business is the hairdressing itself. Ross said that it is “a real mix at the moment. We've modernised lots of lovely Surrey ladies. Balayage is probably still the biggest word going around. We always thought that that was going to be a trend. It's here to stay and we do a lot of Balayage work and colouring.”

With regards to winning the award, Marcello added: “It was really lovely to get the original notice, that we'd even been nominated and actually had made it to the final. We are a small salon, it's just really nice when you get recognition. Our team works so hard and it's just lovely to be recognised kind of at that level.

The award is voted for by members of the public which Marcello said; “makes it extra special.” “We've got lots of lovely clients. Within the salon we made people aware that we were nominated. The nice thing is we didn't have to push people to vote for us, as soon as we made people aware that we were nominated they were just like, oh my God, you have to win. All our clients were just so supportive and really backed us, which was just so lovely to see.”

You can find the Collections Hair Club on Queens Rd , Weybridge (KT13 9UQ). You can find out more about it here.

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