Surveillance Video Captures Murder Suspect's Escape at McDonald's in Gary, Indiana

Lake County Sheriff’s Office in Gary, Indiana, has questioned a prisoner transportation driver’s account after surveillance video showed a murder suspect escape from his vehicle on December 14.

Surveillance video captured the moment a man manages to open a back door of the vehicle, struggle with his restraints, and run away. The vehicle then lurches forward, before the driver gets out and runs after the man.

Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez Jr said he was “highly disturbed and disappointed” by the procedures used in the transportation of the prisoner, adding that he believed using "shackles could have prevented the suspect from getting away.”

An ABC7 report said that the driver said he had stopped to get something to eat while driving the prisoner to jail. The car was parked in a McDonald’s drive-thru at the time of the escape.

While the driver told authorities he had briefly opened up the back window of the car, which he said the prisoner jumped out of and escaped. CCTV footage from McDonald’s, as Martinez noted, shows the prisoner “exiting through a door to the vehicle.”

The man, named as Leon Taylor, was being transported from Texas and was still on the loose at the time of writing, according to ABC7. Credit: Lake County Sheriff’s Department via Storyful