Survey Shows High Rates of Malnutrition Among Rohingya Child Refugees

A World Found Programme (WFP) survey has found that one in four Rohingya children in camps near the Bangladesh-Myanmar border are suffering with malnutrition.

The survey assessed the nutrition levels of 405 families in camps in Kutupalong, Bangladesh, many of whom have arrived there since violence escalated in northern Rakhine, Myanmar, in August.

The survey showed a 7.5 percent prevalence of life-threatening, acute malnutrition, a rate double that seen among Rohingya child refugees in May.

The survey also found that two out of three families interviewed said they had problems with diarrhea.

Maungdaw district in Myanmar, from where many of the refugees come, was among the most vulnerable and chronically food-insecure areas in Myanmar even before the current outbreak of violence, WFP said. Credit: UN/WFP via Storyful