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Survivor 2021: How long does the show last and when will it end?

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Survivor returned to screens last week with a new cast of contestants competing for the $1m (£730,000) prize.

Season 41 will feature the cast once again having to fend for themselves on a desert island. Viewers will see them having to scourge for food, build shelter and create fires to keep warm and cook.

This new season will be shorter than previous incarnations, coming in at 26 days long instead of the usual 39 days. This is a result of new quarantine arrangements for cast and crew members which have led to delays in filming.

“The decision to change the game to 26 days came from the fact that we couldn’t leave our bubble,” host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly.

He continued: “So if we wanted to shoot two seasons, we had to do it back to back. For us to shoot two seasons of 39 days, back to back, along with our 14-day quarantine, would have meant nearly 100 days, and that was simply too long.”

“Once we landed at 26 days, the first thing we had to do was adjust the living conditions of the game so that 26 days would still feel like 39 days,” says Probst. “At first glance, you might think that’s impossible, but it’s not. The players definitely felt it, and you’ll see it in the show.”

He also hinted that future shows could follow the same format, saying: “We haven’t decided if we will go back to 39 days. I will say that I’m optimistic that fans will find this new 26-day game to be very entertaining and Survivor-worthy.”

The show’s episodes will span the full breadth of the 26-day-long stint and is expected to run throughout October and into November. As yet, no episode guide has been released by programme makers beyond the show’s first two episodes.

The 18 cast members for season 41 of Survivor are: Brad Reese, Danny McCray, David Voce, Deshawn Radden, Eric Abraham, Erika Casupanan, Evvie Jagoda, Genie Chen, Heather Aldret, Jairus Robinson, Liana Wallace, Naseer, Muttalif, Ricard Foye, Sara Wilson, Shantel Smith, Sydney Segal, Tiffany Seely and Xander Hastings.

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