Survivor SA winner announced as host Nico reveals 7th season on the way

Cape Town – The jury has spoken, the final votes have been tallied and South Africa’s sole survivor’s flame is still burning.

Tom Swartz was voted the winner of Survivor SA: Philippines during a live reunion and finale show held in Cape Town on Thursday at the Silverline Studios.

In addition to the title of sole survivor the 41-year-old adventure camp manager from Port Elizabeth won R1m prize money after 39 days of outwitting, outplaying and outlasting his fellow castaways on a remote island. 

This sixth season of the reality game show was filled with vicious twists, unexpected turns and epic blindsides.

Despite Tom continually irking almost everyone in the game - even those outside his tribes - he made it to merge on the back of a combination of his outdoor survival skills and being in the right place at the right time.

When his former tribemates failed to approach him at merge the ‘blue blood’ bloc gleefully swooped in and made him one of them, as he slowly helped vote out his former red tribemates one by one.

His sworn allegiance to Werner saw him snitch on Katinka to help send her home – but he finally capitulated in sight of the final and helped vote the Pastor out to give himself a shot at the ultimate prize.

Tom joins previous winners Vanessa Marawa, Lorette Mostert, Perle van Schalkwyk, Hykie Berg and Graham Jenneker.

Host Nico Panagio ended the live broadcast by announcing that Survivor SA will be back for a 7th season. The new season will air in 2019 and will be titled Island of SecretsEntries are now open