Survivor SA's Palesa on going home with an idol in her pocket

Cape Town – In another first for Survivor SA: Philippines Palesa Tau was voted off the island with an unused hidden immunity idol in her pocket.

After winning a reward challenge the Johannesburg radio presenter’s spoils were even sweeter when she discovered an immunity idol.

However after checking in with Tom just before Tribal Council and being assured that she was safe for another week, Palesa chose not to play her idol. 

She now joins the jury and has vowed to show the finalists flames.

We chatted to Palesa about her frenemy Tom, her thoughts on the game going forward and find out what she did with her idol. 

Why did you take Tom’s word for it after the beef you two had?

I wouldn’t actually say that the outcome of tribal council was me taking Tom’s word for it. Of course I could never take Tom’s word, it’s Tom after all. Yes, I did ask him and of course he lied to me. I don’t feel like that was in any way part of my play at the end of the day. Tom has been my open frenemy I didn’t expect anything more from him. Just because I went to ask for his confirmation it wasn’t what I took to heart. It did happen that way and it happened exactly how I would have thought it would happen from somebody like Tom especially with his relationship with me. 

Nico pointed out that some weaker players were riding on coattails at tribal council. Jeanne said it was a strategy. What are your thoughts on this?

I don’t feel like riding coattails is a strategy. If that person fails then you fail as well and that can’t be a strategy according to me. If you are going to be strategic in a game like Survivor you should at least have two or three plays you can make. Laziness maybe...strategy not so much. 

Do you think there is anyone in that alliance that has the courage to rock the boat and what steps do you think should be taken to break that stronghold?

So far, I have seen zero courage from anybody on the majority alliance in Araw tribe. None of them made an effort to try and play an individual game. PK, of course, being the only person who shows that kind of courage but he is also right at the bottom and his name has been written down. I am really hoping that somebody starts thinking strategically. Those are some of the things that I am going to be looking for as a jury member.

If you were able to give your immunity idol to anyone who would it have been and why?

It would definitely have been PK because he is the only other person that is playing the game of Survivor.

What have you done with your immunity idol?

I am keeping it as a souvenir. It is something that I am very proud of. I am proud of my successes and I my failures because they teach me something about myself. I am very proud of my immunity idol and it will be on full display. 


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(Photos supplied: M-Net)