Susan Boyle Panics Passengers As She Screams For Help In Airport

Britain’s Got Talent winner Susan Boyle left her fellow airline passengers panicked when she screamed for help as she ran through the lounge of Derry airport.

It has been reported that the 55-year-old caused a dramatic scene when she was flying home alone last week, with the star being led into a side-room by concerned staff who comforted the star.

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We really hope that she is okay.

An onlooker explained: “There was quite a buzz in the airport when people became aware of her presence.

"To see her running through the airport after she left to board the flight, screaming for help, was the last thing anyone expected to see.”

A source close to Susan has confirmed that the incident did take place but reassured the singer’s fans that she is doing much better now.

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The pal told The Sunday People: “Susan’s trip wasn’t what she had hoped it would be. She had travelled to Derry for a birthday celebration and had taken her brother with her but sadly the two of them had a disagreement.

"He decided to leave early on his own which was a problem for Susan, who is not used to travelling alone and felt very vulnerable and upset.

"She became quite distressed and in the end her assistant flew out from Glasgow to collect her and brought her home safely the next day.

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"Susan is a lovely woman and an incredible talent but she was really let down by being left on her own. She’s home now and is absolutely fine and as with most family squabbles it will all be resolved.”

It has been documented that Susan previously struggled with her fast rise to fame but the friend added that she is preparing to head back into the limelight, sharing: “She’s got lots of great things planned for this year and will start recording her seventh album next month.

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"She’s in a great place, with people who love and care about her looking out for her back home.”

We couldn’t be happier.

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