Susanna Reid brands Piers Morgan a hypocrite after ignorant Trump protest comments

Mike P Williams

Susanna Reid branded Piers Morgan a hypocrite after making ignorant comments on the upcoming Donald Trump protest and after blasting a guest.

On today’s Good Morning Britain, things became heated when the topic of Donald Trump’s UK visit came up.

Susanna, 47, put Piers, 53, on blast live on ITV1 this morning by calling her co-host a ‘hypocrite’ when he began to berate and constantly talk over guest and Trump protester Ash Sarker.


Piers started shouting and demanding to know why she didn’t protest against President Obama’s visits based on his immigration policies and then accused her of not knowing enough about history or Trump to be so against him specifically.

‘You do not have to go out and march against everything in order to make a point about one thing,’ Susanna told him, as he tried to use an argument that Ash has no right to protest Trump if she didn’t oppose Obama or any other controversial leaders.

‘I would actually encourage you to check out some of the other work I’ve done where I’ve been intensely critical–‘ Ash began, before she was interrupted by Piers yet again.

‘I’d go and check out some basic facts about your hero Obama,’ Piers sniped, before she branded him an ‘idiot’ after denying the former President was her ‘hero’.

She slated the former newspaper editor by saying he was trying to ‘make up for your own incompetence as a journalist’ and berated him for not holding Trump ‘adequately to account’ when he interviewed him earlier this year.


Despite a plethora of criticism when Piers went soft on Trump during the ITV interview, he claims he ‘held him to account on a number of issues’.

After Piers opted to then call Ash a hypocrite, his co-host couldn’t remain quiet any longer.

‘You run campaigns against things!’ Susanna scorned. ‘So if she’s not allowed to protest against one thing or protest against anything, then you shouldn’t run campaigns against one thing!’ she blasted.

‘If she’s a hypocrite, then so are you,’ she added. ‘If you are so exercised about President Obama’s policies, then I don’t see why you didn’t write policies about him.’

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