Susanna Reid doesn't want to be in a relationship

Bad news for all the red-blooded males out there, TV beauty Susanna Reid has revealed that she hopes to remain single for a very long time.

Eek, we wonder if sitting next to Piers Morgan every morning is what put her off?

Susanna is popular with her male fans.

The Good Morning Britain presenter has won the hearts of the nation with her television charm but she has now admitted that she is completely focusing on her three children and has no desire to find a partner.

She explained to The Telegraph: “I just can’t have a relationship at the moment. I’d choose not to (date) because my most important thing is being a mum.

I don’t think there would be time for anything else because relationships take up a lot of emotional energy, don’t they?”

Susanna and Dominic split after 16 years together.

Susanna split from her boyfriend Dominic Cotton three years ago and has been single since, shooting down offers of a date just last week, tweeting: “Thanks for your generous offers this morning twitter but…. I’m single by choice.”

She also admitted that she’s “not wife material”, tweeting one fan that she is never going to get married.

Susanna hosts Good Morning Britain with Piers Morgan.

The 46-year-old star was with Dominic for 16 years before they split in 2014 and are mum and dad to Finn, Sam and Jack.

The former couple previously hit the headlines after it was revealed that they still live in the same house and maintain an incredibly good relationship – despite the fact Dominic has a new girlfriend.