Suspected Thieves Foiled by Australian Man Dressed Only in Underwear

An Australian man who said he thwarted would-be thieves at his home in Mermaid Waters, Queensland, has been dubbed “Captain Undies” by friends, thanks to the attire he was sporting while chasing masked people away from his property on December 26.

CCTV footage taken from several angles at Steve Middleton’s home shows two people getting out of a car to look inside vehicles near his property, while another man exits a second car and walks toward a separate home.

The footage also captures Middleton rushing out of his home wearing only a pair of underwear, and chasing the masked people away from his home before a confrontation on the street that sees him grapple with one of the suspects and face down two others.

The alleged thieves left the scene, while Middleton was then joined on the street by concerned neighbors.

Footage featured here shows Middleton charging toward one of the suspects, with additional footage showing the full incident from a separate camera outside the home, as well as a third angle that features imagery of the people searching through vehicles at Middleton’s home.

Speaking to local media, Middleton said that following the altercation, his friends have taken to calling him Captain Undies. A report from December 27 quoted a police spokesperson as saying no arrests had yet been made. Credit: Steve Middleton via Storyful

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