Suspect's Car Crashes Into Police Cruiser During Texas Pursuit

A police chase in Crockett, Texas, ended in dramatic fashion on Wednesday, August 21, when the driver being pursued crashed into a cruiser that was forming part of a roadblock.

According to the Trinity Police Department, officers there received reports of a felony assault in a domestic setting.

When officers located the suspect’s car, the suspect, who was allegedly armed, backed into a police cruiser before fleeing the scene.

Officers with the Crockett Police Department were then dispatched, as the suspect headed into Crockett from Trinity. Crockett police officers set up a roadblock and placed “stop sticks” to help bring the vehicle to a halt.

“As can be seen in the video the suspect continued and attempted to drive through ultimately striking a Crockett Police Department unit,” police said.

“At the time of the collision, the officer was not in the vehicle and just relocated to another position.” Credit: Crockett Police Department via Storyful