Sutton Coldfield Fun Run road closures, parking and bus changes

Sutton Coldfield’s biggest community event is back this June, and with it will come a number of road closures and bus route changes. The region's much-loved Royal Sutton Fun Run is an 8.5 mile-trip around the streets and park in the town.

Thousands of runners will descend on Sunday June 2, raising thousands of pounds for local charities. The fun run, which started in 1982 will see runners, wheelchair users, dog owners, children, and hot tub pushers run from the town centre to Boldmere, through Sutton Park to Four Oaks and back into town.

Organisers have said for the safety of local people, roads in the town will need to be shut off to traffic on the day, with a number of bus services altered too. Road closures will run from 10.15am to 3.00pm except for Lower Parade and South Parade in Sutton Coldfield town centre, which will remain closed until 4.30pm.

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The following roads will be closed for the Royal Sutton Fun Run:

  • Four Oaks Road

  • Lichfield Road between Four Oaks Road and High Street, Sutton.

  • Anchorage Road

  • High Street

  • Mill Street

  • The Parade

  • Lower Parade

  • South Parade

  • Brassington Avenue – a two-way system will be implemented for the duration of the road closure to permit vehicles access to and exit from The Gracehcurch Shopping Centre car park and surrounding pay & display car parks.

  • Park Road between Garrard Gardens & Brassington Avenue

  • Upper Clifton Road

  • Clifton Road

  • Somerville Road - from the junction with Monmouth Drive Access only to Wyndley Leisure Centre/Public Swimming Pool will be permitted from 12.45pm. No traffic will be permitted beyond the Leisure Centre car park as there is no access to Town Gate, Sutton Town Hall, Railway Station, Tamworth Rd, Lichfield Rd, Good Hope Hospital or Sutton town centre via Somerville Road.

  • Monmouth Drive – from Stonehouse Road to Somerville Road. Will re-open at approximately 12.45pm after all entrants have entered Sutton Park at Boldmere Gate.

  • Four Oaks estate and park - For the duration of the road closure 10.15 – 3.00pm, access to and exit from Four Oaks Park will be controlled at Wentworth Rd at the junction with Four Oaks Road with access towards Mere Green via Lichfield Road only. Residents will be permitted to exit Four Oaks Park via Wyvern Road junction with Lichfield Road between 10.15 and 11.30 to Tamworth Road only.

Buses and trains

Bus services will be affected from the first bus until 4:30pm.

  • Four Oaks Railway Station - Access to Four Oaks Railway Station will be maintained throughout the duration of the road closure from Mere Green along Lichfield Road and from Wentworth Road off Four Oaks Park

  • Service 5. 77. 907 to Sutton Coldfield. Will turn right to Holland Rd and use temporary stop. Service 5. 77. 907 from Sutton Coldfield. Depart Holland Rd, then continue left Lower Queen St, to temporary stop opposite Aldi.

  • Service 6 to Sutton Coldfield. Mere Green Island, Mere Green Rd, Slade Rd, right Weeford Rd, Whitehouse Common Rd, right Rectory Rd, left Coleshill St, right Victoria Rd, Lower Queen St, bear left Lower Queen St, left Upper Holland Rd to Temporary Stop.
    Service 6 from Sutton Coldfield. Depart temporary stop, Upper Holland Rd, Coleshill St, right Rectory Rd, left Whitehouse Common Rd, Weeford Rd left Slade Road, Mere Green Rd to Mere Green Island, normal line of route.

  • Service X4 Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield. Birmingham Rd, (former Empire Cinema) right Holland Rd, (temporary stop in Upper Holland Rd after Lower Queen St) left Lower Queens St, left Queen St, to stop opposite Aldi, then normal line of route .
    Service X4 to Minworth plus X14 Holland Rd, (temporary stop near Duke St, continue Upper Holland Rd, Coleshill St, right Rectory Rd, normal line of route
    Service X4 from Falcon Lodge to Birmingham. Rectory Rd, left Coleshill St, right Victoria Rd, Lower Queen St. (temporary stop opposite Aldi)

  • Service X3. X5 Sutton Coldfield for Mere Green and onwards. Depart temporary stop, Upper Holland Rd, Coleshill St, right Rectory Rd, left Whitehouse Common Rd. Weeford Rd, (Drivers must look out for passengers waiting at stops towards Mere Green that wish to travel to Birmingham and allow them board. Advised buses are travelling a reverse operation) Slade Rd, Little Sutton Rd, Grange Rd, Gibbons Rd, Sherifoot Ln, Hill Village Rd to a temporary terminus near Mere Green Island.
    Service X3. X5. Lichfield/Roughley to Birmingham. Temporary Terminus at Mere Green, Hill Village Rd, right Sherifoot Ln, right Gibbons Rd, left Grange Ln continue to Weeford Rd Tx, then continue Weeford Rd, Whitehouse Common Rd, right Rectory Rd, left Coleshill St, right Victoria Rd, Lower Queen St, continue Queen St to temporary stop opposite Aldi car park, the via Queen St to Birmingham Rd.

  • Service X14. Birmingham to Sutton Coldfield. Rectory Rd, left Coleshill St, right Victoria Rd, Lower Queen St. left Upper Holland Rd (temporary stop) Service X14. Sutton Coldfield to Birmingham. Upper Holland Rd, continue Coleshill St, right Rectory Rd to normal line of rout

Temporary bus stop sites

1.Queens Street Opposite Aldi car park
Services 5. X4. 77. 907. (X3. X5 to Birmingham) Blue Arrow

2. Holland Road at Duke Street
Services 5. (X4. Sutton Turn Backs). 907 Red Arrow

3. Upper Holland Road after the junction of Lower Queen Street
Services 6. X14. X4 to Falcon Lodge and Minworth, X3. X5 from Birmingham Plum Arrow


Organisers have advised that a number of Birmingham City Council pay and display car parks are available within the town centre and just a few minutes walk to the two assembly areas. Sunday charges apply and parking can be found at:

  • Duke Street, B72 1QH

  • South Parade B72 1ST

  • Lower Reddicroft B73 6AZ

  • Reddicroft, B73 6BN

  • Station Street, B73 6AT

  • Anchorage Road, B74 2PH