Sutton Coldfield general election candidates 2024

Sutton Coldfield has had a Tory MP since the Second World War.
-Credit: (Image: Darren Quinton/Birmingham Live)

The UK General Election is just around the corner with all 650 parliamentary constituencies across the country up for grabs. Parties are making their final pitches to voters ahead of polling day on July 4 with immigration, the economy, the NHS and foreign policy all key issues this election cycle.

The outcome of the general election will determine which party forms the next government. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is hoping an improving economic picture will persuade voters to back the Tories, while Labour leader Keir Starmer has said it's time for 'change' after 14 years of Conservative rule.

In Sutton Coldfield, six candidates are standing for election to become your local MP. An MP represents the interests and concerns of all the people who live in their constituency in the Houses of Parliament.

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Who is the Conservative candidate for Sutton Coldfield?

The Tory candidate for Sutton Coldfield is Andrew Mitchell - a veteran politician who has held the seat since 2001. The Conservatives have won in Sutton Coldfield in every election since the Second World War.

However, with the Tories languishing in the polls, this year's election is thought to be a on a knife-edge. In fact, the first major General Election poll predicted a Tory wipeout in Sutton Coldfield along with many other Tory-controlled seats in the West Midlands.

Andrew Mitchell, who is defending a majority of 19,272 in Sutton Coldfield, blasted the poll as 'sensationalist stuff'. Mitchell is currently serving as Deputy Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs.

Andrew Mitchell, Minister of State for Development and Africa, leaving no 10 Downing Street.
Andrew Mitchell, Minister of State for Development and Africa, leaving no 10 Downing Street. -Credit:PA

Who is the Labour candidate for Sutton Coldfield?

Labour's parliamentary hopeful in Sutton Coldfield is Rob Pocock. Mr Pocock is the current cabinet member for transformation and governance at Birmingham City Council.

Rob Pocock, a former Sutton Vesey town and city councillor has contested every General Election since 2001 (excluding 2019) battling for the Sutton Coldfield seat in the House of Commons with Andrew Mitchell. In a message to voters he said: "This is our chance to build a better Britain, and a better Sutton Coldfield."

Who is the Liberal Democrat standing in Sutton Coldfield?

John Sweeney is an investigative journalist who has written for many national newspapers and a broadcaster on Panorama and Newsnight.

Who else is standing in Sutton Coldfield?

There are six candidates standing in Sutton Coldfield. The Green Party, Reform UK, Liberal Democrats and Workers Party of Great Britain.

Here's a full list of candidates standing in Sutton Coldfield.

  • Andrew Mitchell - Conservatives

  • Rob Pocock - Labour

  • John Sweeney - Liberal Democrats

  • Ben Auton - Green Party

  • Mark Hoath - Reform UK

  • Wajad Burkey - Workers Party of Great Britain

Who won Sutton Coldfield in 2019?

Andrew Mitchell is defending a majority of 19,272 in Sutton Coldfield after beating Labour challenger David Knowles in 2019. The Liberal Democrats usually poll third in the seat.

Turn out in the 2019 election was 69%. The Tories have held the constituency since 1945.