SUV Slides Down Snowy Road in South Lake Tahoe

A driver in South Lake Tahoe, California, faced an uphill battle as they attempted to maintain control of their vehicle on a snowy hill on March 4.

Footage by South Lake Tahoe resident Christopher R Brinlee Jr shows the SUV spinning and sliding down Ski Run Boulevard.

Speaking to Storyful, Brinlee Jr said the street is the most direct path for local residents and visitors of a nearby resort, which meant many pedestrians were present.

“Since there are no plowed sidewalks, the pedestrians utilized the street for walking,” he said.

Brinlee Jr said there had been a ‘road closed’ sign at the bottom of the upper section of Ski Run Boulevard that was removed that afternoon. Credit: Christopher R Brinlee Jr via Storyful

Video transcript

- They got [INAUDIBLE]



- I don't want to slide back.

- Are you in-- do you have all wheel drive?

- Yeah.

- Can you just go forward?

- I tried. You want me to try again?

- Well, you're not going to get through that way. There's like four cars-- yeah, there's like four cars sideways. That's what I was trying to back out that way.

- Oh, this guy's sliding down. [INAUDIBLE].

- They all mad or something?

- If you just go forward, you'll be fine.


One side from [INAUDIBLE] right back here.

- Don't back up. Just go forward.

- That way [AUDIO OUT].

- Out of the way.

- Get out of the way.

- If you go this way, this road just loops right back.

- Yeah, but can you go-- can you go around here a little bit?


- Out of control, dude. Oh.

- My god.



- Trying to get out.

- Is it in four wheel?


- What? That way?

- I mean, it's going to bring you a little bit further down, but--

- Watch out.

- Oh, they're stopped.

- Careful, you're OK. I know you're scared. But listen.