Swarms of Cicadas Emerge for the First Time in 17 Years

Brood X cicadas have come out of hibernation, emerging from the ground for the first time in 17 years across the eastern United States.

The insect group – among the most geographically widespread of all 17-year periodical cicadas – will emerge in May and June, the University of Maryland’s Cicada Crew said.

“I encourage all Marylanders to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about these remarkable, harmless creatures,” said Maryland Gov Larry Hogan. “For a few short weeks this spring, many across the state will have a front-row seat to witness a natural phenomenon that happens nowhere else on the planet.”

This footage, posted by Facebook user Princess Habibi, shows Brood X cicada husks littering the ground and cicadas climbing a tree near her home in Silver Spring, Maryland. Credit: Princess Habibi via Storyful

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