Swedish ad agency comes up with fiendish challenge for new recruits: convince us to listen to James Blunt

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James Blunt during filming of the Graham Norton Show  - PA

A Swedish advertising agency has come up with a devilishly difficult task for hopefuls looking to work with them: convince the entire office to listen to James Blunt.

Borg & Owilli, a Stockholm-based agency, have placed an advert for a new account manager.

Prospective employees are asked for a cover letter and CV, and a plan which will convince the rest of the team to listen to the British singer.

"Can you convince us that half the planet is way off the mark and James Blunt's new pop album is absolutely world class?” they write. “We're looking for people with a creative streak, but also someone who is such a good seller they can convince the entire office that James Blunt's new album should be played through the speakers on repeat."

David Borg, a partner in the company, said they had a history of coming up with imaginative challenges for job applicants.

"It was my idea,” he told The Local. “We previously had difficult job tests linked to current events. Last year we had a test where people had to convince our colleague who is an American to vote for Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton in the election.

"Now that the world's worst and most pointless artist has released a new album, we thought it fit well."

James Blunt performs on stage during the 'La noche de Cadena 100' concert held at the Sports Palace in Madrid, Spain Credit: EFE

Mr Borg said applicants should look to “sell his pointless emptiness as really being deep poetry,” and added: “That won’t be easy."

The successful candidate will have to convince a talent show-style jury of Blunt's merits. 

"We're going to have a three person jury. Everyone hates James Blunt equally," said Mr Borg.

Blunt’s music is frequently the butt of jokes – despite the singer recording the best-selling album of the decade, with 2005’s Back to Bedlam.

But the former tank commander has earned £14 million through his music, and laughs off his status as the singer people love to hate.

“If you thought 2016 was bad - I'm releasing an album in 2017,” he tweeted in December.

In 2013, when a fan tweeted: “I must be 1 of only 2 who genuinely likes every @jamesblunt song. The other person being him.” – Blunt replied: “Nope, you’re on your own.”

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