Swedish Museum of Failure exhibits failed products from Colgate lasagne to Donald Trump boardgame

Jessica Morgan
Epic Fails: Colgate launched a range of frozen foods to encourage people to brush their teeth

An exhibition celebrating failed products by some of the world’s most well-known brands is to become a permanent fixture at a museum in Sweden.

The Museum of Failure is praising the art of botched innovations made by some of the world’s top companies.

Created by collector Samuel West, the museum will open on June 7, and will show around 51 discontinued products.

Exhibits include a beef lasagne marketed by toothpaste Colgate and a motorbike-scented perfume by Harley Davidson.

Failure: The Colgate lasagne

Mr West spent a year hunting down 60 of the products before completing the exhibition and all the exhibits are original, except for the Colgate lasagne.

He told The Times: “You can learn a lot from failure. Those innovations we see are successful, but 90 per cent fail, and they are unique.”

The discontinued products came about when established companies misread their customers’ needs and tried and entirely different products, he said.

Donald Trump: The game (Sofie Lindberg)

Examples include a “luxury” McDonald’s Arch Deluxe hamburger from the 1990s which was made from a honey mustard-type sauce, salad and quarter-pound beef patty on a potato roll.

But while others were just poorly designed bits of technology, other innovations like the Donald Trump board game are just "awful", West said.

The game is similar to Monopoly but features Trump dollars, Trump properties for players to buy and T-shaped game pieces.

Despite the criticism of Mr Trump, Mr West believes it’s possible to learn a lot from him.

He said: “Despite his mistakes, he has still become president, so maybe we don’t have to be afraid of failure,”

The exhibition was expected to last a month but now has permanent residency in Helsingborg in southern Sweden.