Sweet Dreams! Adorable Wombat Snores, Wiggles Paws During Well-Deserved Nap

An adorable wombat caught up on some well-deserved beauty sleep at a South Australian sanctuary, footage shared on February 4 shows.

The video, taken by the Wombat Awareness Organisation in Flaxley, shows older wombat Timothy napping on the lounge – complete with blanket and pillow.

According to the organisation, the snoozing marsupial has been with them for over a decade, and was first brought to them “as a deformed, angry ex-pet”.

“One of our older gents Timothy moves out into the burrows with most of our other wombats each summer. The minute the weather turns cool, he races inside and settles in his favourite spot on the lounge,” the organisation wrote in the post.

They added that Timothy sleeps deeply but not quietly, “as a lot of noise comes out both ends”. Credit: Wombat Awareness Organisation via Storyful