Sweltering Londoners pray for rain in hilarious Twitter thread as heatwave shows no sign of letting up

Fiona Simpson
Hot weather: Londoners shelter under a tree as the grass turns yellow in St James's Park: PA

Sweltering Londoners have prayed for rain in a hilarious Twitter thread as the Met Office predicted the capital would sizzle in 34C heat .

Hundreds of sweaty people took to social media to admit they missed London’s usual damp weather amid the UK’s longest heatwave in 40 years.

As forecasters predicted highs of 34C to hit the South East next week gardeners called for rain for their “parched” plants while those shacked up in sweaty flats merely asked for it to be cool enough to sleep

Dark clouds teased a downpour on Saturday night leaving sizzling souls with no other option than to post hilarious outbursts online.

Singer Laura Nadia Hunt wrote on Twitter: “#LONDON #weather has reached the meteorological place of *almost* coming. Like.....absolutely on the verge of raining, PEAK humidity, no rain. Please dear lord, give us sweet relief!”

Abz Byrne added: “Got excited checking BBC weather forecast for London as it showed rain and then realised I was looking at London in Canada.”

Another woman added: “Oh, for Pete's sake, can it just flipping start to rain already? The sky looks like it's having some sort of lenghty internal discussion over merits of dropping some water over London. Just do it, will ya??”

While Rachel predicted another 47 dry years, writing: “It’s the year 2065. London is still unbearably hot. Humans have mutated to cope with the heat by shedding their skin and living as skeletons. Rain is a myth only spoken about in hushed tones of reverence. The Northern Line spontaneously combusted at Bank, f***ing the whole of TFL”

Parks across the city appeared brown and dry with many sharing their dismay over the lack of green grass.

Louise shared an image of a desert-like play area and said: “I know we want the sun as we have so much rain in the UK, but I miss sitting on green grass.”

Charli-Marie added: “Heatwave in London = all the grass in the park is dead.”

Another person wrote: “Question about London, is all grass just dead now? #HeatWave2018.”

As of Wednesday, the UK had just 1.85in (47mm) of rain, making it the driest start to summer in modern records which date back to 1961, followed by 2013 with 2.3in (59mm) of rain.